Hello and thank you for you interest!

It might take me a few days to respond to your email, please be patient and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Right now I am booking out a few months, however I can set up a consultation within a few days to a week.  



Deposits are $100 cash. If you are unable to consult in person due to distance $100 can be accepted via paypal at jillhollingsworthtattoo@gmail.com

DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE or transferable and will only be applied to the piece discussed during your consultation. 

Deposits must be applied to an appointment within 6 MONTHS (unless the piece is an on going project that would extend past that time frame).

If you are over 15 minutes late, do not show up for an appointment, or cancel within 48 hours before your appointment your deposit will be forfeited. An additional deposit will be required to reschedule. 

The Deposit will be deducted from your tattoo on your final session, not earlier


All transactions are cash, and the shop has a $100 minimum. Large tattoos are priced at $200/hour and smaller tattoos, (usually anything that takes less than two hours), are priced by the piece.


During the consult we can discuss how you would like your tattoo done and it's a great time to go over any questions or concerns you may have. 


I will have the image or sketch for your tattoo ready at your appointment time, not earlier. I will not send out images.


If you'd like we can make changes to your image when you come in for your appointment. If you don't like it, or the changes will take much time we can always reschedule. 

Custom tattoos take much time, preparation and love to be done correctly and I strive to give everyone the best I can give them!


Thank you for taking the time to read my policies!  I hope it can answer a few questions before I get back to you!

If after reading this you would like to schedule up a consultation please email me with days and times that work for you. 

I usually set up consults at 1130 and 330.

My regular schedule is Monday through Friday after 12